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Small businesses are the backbone of America, and we firmly believe that every small business owner deserves a chance to achieve their version of the American Dream. That's why, at EBITDA Business Advisors, we are dedicated to helping small businesses reach their full potential and find qualified buyers who can continue their legacy.

Vanessa Talbott brings almost four decades of entrepreneurship, business management, sales, and marketing experience to her role as a Business Broker and President of EBITDA Business Advisors. Vanessa loves what she does and enjoys helping entrepreneurs successfully move to their next stages of their lives.
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Tom Brubaker, Vice President of EBITDA Business Advisors, has over 30 years experience as a Commercial Real Estate Broker, Business Broker, State Certified Appraiser, and Licensed Real Estate Instructor.
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What sets us apart from other business brokers is our genuine care and commitment to our clients. We take the time to truly listen and understand their unique needs and goals. We treat each business as if it were our own, always recommending what is best for its long-term success. Our priority is to do what is right, even if it means prioritizing the client's interests over our own.

Transparency and honesty are core values at EBITDA Business Advisors. We promise to provide our clients with the truth, even if it is difficult to hear. We believe that by facing the hard truths head-on, we can help our clients find the best solutions and navigate through any challenges they may face.

In summary, at EBITDA Business Advisors, we are passionate about supporting small businesses and helping them thrive. We are committed to providing honest, transparent, and personalized services to our clients, always keeping their best interests at heart. Let us be your trusted partner on your journey towards achieving your business goals and aspirations.


Vanessa Talbott, President
Thomas Brubaker, Vice President

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